Christmas List

It’s that time of the year again: wintry music, snowflakes falling, baking cookies, and not to forget: loads and loads of hectic. Mainly because of those distant or even close relatives who you still want to buy a neat present for. Sometimes this can actually really ruin your Christmas experience. Coming stressed from work, still having to buy 10 more presents in 7 different shops and there’s only 5 days left until Christmas… Doesn’t quite sound like sitting comfortably at the fireplace.

Well, we know about your struggles of finding a perfect present for everyone, so we decided we’re going to make your problem, our problem. We picked out 5 stylish gifts for you which will make the recipient gleam with pleasure. Definitely!

The Broadway Rucksack

The new Lukács László Rucksack, made out of 100% calf leather, is a perfect fit for everyone who wants to carry his belongings through every snow storm while looking extremely fashionable.


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The backpack is colored in a timeless dark blue and robust enough to keep a bunch of papers dry during a blizzard.

It can be combined with almost every outfit from a formal coat to a cool puffer jacket.


The PLATT and FIFTH Gloves

A pair of lightweight leather gloves that will keep your hands warm and dry at all times. Wearing gloves made out of 100% calf leather will feel like heaven on earth. Especially if you’re used to wearing wool gloves on your hands in winter.

They are available in two different designs:

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The gloves are a winter essential which can again basically be matched with every outfit, giving it an elegant touch.


The BOWERY leather boots

Every man’s best friend in winter is a great pair of robust leather boots. The new Lukács László model, BOWERY,  is made out to 100% calf leather, manufactured in Hungary and costum made for your feet. What makes these bespoke shoes so exceptional, is their weight. While they almost feel like sandals, they keep your feet warm like a radiator.

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The bespoke shoes look incredible with a great pair of jeans and add a very masculine touch to your outfit


PEARL Dress Shoes

There’s nothing as classy as walking through the snowy streets in a suit and tie. Of course a good suit and tie always starts with fancy dress shoes. The PEARL dress shoes are perfect for every guy who likes to show his class. The 100% calf leather material is durable and long lasting without every losing its unique shine. Moreover, like every Lukács László pair of shoes, they’re handmade and custom tailored to your feet and needs.

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The shoes can be worn to any more formal outfit and look stunning worn with a suit.



If you have a travel lover in your gift list, the TRINITY/TIMES bag by Lukács László is the perfect present. The high-quality bag can carry all your important belongings, while still staying extremely handy and easy to carry. Consisting of 100%  calf leather the bag again is made out of the finest material and available in two different styles, on black and on denim blue.

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Travel in style again with the Lukács László bags.

I hope now you have enough gift ideas for those 5 uncles, co-workers and bosses, who you still need one for. However, don’t forget that Christmas really is about being together with your loved ones and showing them, how grateful you are for them being in your life. And last but not least don’t forget to take care of yourself during this very stressful time and maybe even make yourself a little gift at Christmas eve. Keep that in mind and we wish you a very happy Christmas from all our hearts.


Written with love by Victor Vécsei



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