The mythical tale of Lukács László’s first shoes


Have you ever wondered why somebody decides to become a shoe designer? Why would anyone in the right mind ever compete in such a mature market? Well, for people, like Lukács László, it’s just destiny. And here, for the first time ever, never told before, comes the mythical tale of how Lukács László became on of the best Viennese shoemakers.

Once upon a time at the University of arts in Vienna, a younger Lukács László had a very difficult task to accomplish. It was exam period and the students had to craft a piece of clothing, using only white materials. So László said to himself: What shall I do? He thought many hours, days and weeks but just couldn’t come up with one of his usual exceptional ideas. Well, while his classmates were working on their wedding veils and white suits, László tried to find something extraordinary, something none of his fellow students would dare to do. But when the time was getting over and he still hadn’t come up with an idea, he decided to speak to the only woman, who might have a solution to his problem, his mother. Well, after climbing over the rocky mountains of the Leihta Gebirge, traveling through wind and storm and crossing many rivers, he finally reached his motherland, Hungary. „Go up the hill, walk past the old forest and then follow road until you find an old wooden cabin. There you’ll find what you’re looking for“, his mother told him. Again László took on this journey and indeed found the wooden cabin, his mother had told him about. Awestruck he paused for a moment, before knocking on the battered door. For a little while, which felt like eternity to László, nothing happened. However, all of a sudden it slowly started to open and an old looking man glanced outside. „Come on in boy, I know exactly what you want“, he said with a rusty sounding voice. He followed the old man inside, where he walked past shelves stuffed with leather, cloth and metal tools. Int the middle of the room there were shoes stacked over another, many shoes. In all forms and colors. László was so enthusiastic about them, that he couldn’t let his eyes of the beautiful forms and materials. Never had he seen, such sophisticated designs. “Well, my boy, let me show ya’ how to make those“, the old man said wisely.

László stayed three weeks in the cabin to not only craft his first ever pair of shoes, white golf shoes with a grey drink, flat soles and rusty eyelets, but even two more pairs, made on the workbench of the old cabin. Back in Vienna, the teachers were so impressed about the shoes, they wanted to buy them immediately and soon many other people requested their very own hand crafted pair of Lukács László’s. László was so happy, because now, he could do something he loved more than anything else and even make somebody else happy with it. And this is how it all started…

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