Open Studio

Thursday, the 1st of March was a very special day at the Lukács László Studio. For the second time it opened its doors for shoe-loving visitors. It was planned to present the new collection and demonstrate the typical development of a Lukács László shoe. Additionally numerous portraits and photographs had been installed in order to provide the guests with an idea of what the raw materials of the high end Lukács László models are like.

As the day finally came, a row of visitors had come to the small but cost place in the middle of the 7th Viennese district, known as the art district. Among the international guests, famous bloggers like Daniel Klein or You Tuber Daniel Fila.

After having welcomed every one in his warm and open hearted manner, Lukács Laszlo showed his latest work of art, a collaboration with the famous animation artist (research name of artist) about the shoes of the designer. As the crowd was enthralled by the work, Lukács László was eager to show a yet unseen possession of his. Taking a blue box out of a side room and gathering the many guest around him, he pulled out a 2 meter long piece of albino snakeskin leather.

A good he only uses for exclusive orders of his best costumers he told the more than impressed audience. No one would have expected to ever see something like this in real life and while fellow Hungarian designers started making photos with the snakeskin, Lukács László continued sharing some more unexpected secrets of his materials and processing with the guests. Meanwhile many guests could finally admire the Lukács László models in real life and take a look at the amazing quality and color of the shoes. Shelves with blue, dark green and shiny black shoes were adorning the office and it was a real treat to the eyes.

In the end, after almost everybody had taken a picture in the really lovely looking office and enjoyed a round of talking with the always cheerful host, the event found its end in an open discussion about many current topics which led to a feeling of unity as the last guest were leaving the designer’s studio. Except from the countless shoe orders the guests overwhelmed the designer with and the interesting impressions they had been able to experience, the event created many new friendships and meaningful connections between everybody who had been part of this amazing night, which in the end is the most important thing, right?

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